How to Save Patent Costs

When filing a eu application typically either claiming priority from a domestic application , like a UK or USA application , or when converting from a world PCT application , there are variety or ways which may be wont to reduce costs.

The Patent filing in india and Trademark Office Database (EPO) charges significant extra fees for every claim of your application in more than 15. Therefore, in effect, the primary 15 claims during a European application are freed from charge, but the subsequent claims from 16 onwards do incur heavy fees. Therefore, it’s within the applicant’s interest to think about slimming their claims down when filing their European application .

In particular, the official fee at the present for every claim from 16-50 is €210, and for every claim from 51 onwards incurs a politician fee of €525. In coming years, these fees are unlikely to scale back and if anything will probably only get higher.

It should be remembered that, for an application, typically just one independent apparatus claim, one independent method claim, and one independent product claim are going to be allowable. Often, US applications especially , will include multiple independent apparatus claims. Therefore, when filing or submitting an EU application , it’s generally prudent to think about reducing the amount of independent claims within the respective categories. Again, this could help to scale back the official filing fees.

The European Patent and Trademark Office Database also charges for every page of the specification in more than the primary 35 pages. The specification during this case includes the outline , claims, abstract and drawings. Although it’s often difficult to scale back the amount of pages, if the margins are often reduced, the road spacing between lines of transcription reduced to 1.5, and typically the font size reduced to Times New Roman 11 point, this is often generally acceptable and should end in the amount of pages being reduced somewhat.

Although the saving isn’t an excellent like the reduction within the number claims, each page in more than the primary 35 pages of the specification is charged at €13. Again, although this fee remains static for the nonce , it’s unlikely that it’ll ever reduce and it’s more probable that it’ll only ever increase. Therefore, when drafting or preparing the first patent filing, this will be taken under consideration .

To somewhat reduce ongoing costs during prosecution of an application, some formalities are often taken care of when filing the application .especially , the EPO would require that every feature or element mentioned within the claims and shown within the drawings includes its respective reference numeral enclosed by brackets. By taking account of this and modifying or submitting amended claims when filing, this particular formalities objection are often avoided.